Q?  What is the Data Distribution Facility

A.  An online service available exclusively to CREA members and included in your membership the Data Distribution Facility (DDF™) expands your access to a national pool of listings, gives you control over where your listings go, and helps you drive and measure traffic to your listings whether they are on your website, or a third party site. DDF™ is entirely optional and fully customizable to your preferences. Simplified uploading and updating lets you focus on your clients while expanding your reach, and a national shared pool can help transform your website into a onestop shop for relevant listings.


Q?  What is Ultimate Agent?

A.  Ultimate Agent is a REALTOR® Developed software plugin to assist the fellow REALTORS® in streamlining the process of converting our new CREA Data Distribution Facility feed and converting it into a customized display that you can easily integrate into your existing or newly developed website. Without the Ultimate Agent Integration package you would require a programmer to develop and convert all the raw data from the feed into a data base and then view-able format to be displayed on your site. As a fellow REALTOR® whom has tackled this issue I can assure you this takes weeks and costs thousands of dollars to complete. That is why I have taken the time to provide these services to you at a fraction of the cost so that you can stay focused on Real Estate and not technology.

Q?  I logged into CREA and it looks like I can create a feed of listing content from the CREA DDF™ so why do I need Ultimate Agent?

A.  The feed that is given to us as a REALTOR® is in a raw format and requires a developer to program the details. If you have a developer that is knowledgeable about XML and the RETS system (http://www.reso.org/specifications), they could create a feed in about a 3 to 4 weeks. In choosing this option keep in mind, every time you need a change or there is an upgrade you will require a developer. As a fellow REALTOR® I will always be keeping our product up to date and using the best technologies available. Ultimate Agent has been formatted for you in such a way that is always able to continually add new upgrades and  features to assist you in your quest for success.

Q?  How long will it take before i have Ultimate Agent running on my site?

A.  Once you sign up and we walk through all the steps, we will have things up and running for you in 30 business days.